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Lech Ski hut

Standing on a plateau between the Petersboden and Weibermahd cable cars which link Lech and Warth, the project site commands a view in all directions across a fantastical mountainscape. The design reacts to the characteristics of this location and landscape with a carefully placed, squared building. The building appears to be 2.5 storeys high, rising from a recessed terrace which reinforces a horizontal emphasis in the design and lends elegance to its appearance. The compact volume is organised according to a cross-shaped basic layout, which has advantages for the construction, operation and room proportion. Both this underlying form and precedents from the alpine landscape informed the choice of roof: a directionless, pyramide peak roof which emphasises the self-contained, inviting haven of a ski hut not just in this specific iteration, but rather the typology universally. As a welcoming gesture, the ski hut has equal openings in all directions. Completely independently of the neighbouring cable car stations, the ski hut asserts itself as a presence and a destination. The design for the new ski hut has its roots in rural Walser houses, reinterpreted as a new subtype.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Simon Metzler, Johanna Brunner
Client: private
Competition 2013, 2nd prize