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St. Gallenkirch Fire Station

Cukrowicz Nachbaur’s have developed a quiet, restrained new fire station for the Alpine town of St Gallenkirch. A clearly-defined, angular volume emerges from a solid pedestal, culminating in the vertical emphasis of the hose tower, which also encloses the forecourt. The rhythm of the adjoining public street informed the precise placement of the main meeting room, so that it could be orientated towards the village centre. The placement of the hose tower enhances the rhythm of buildings along the street and defines a gateway to the village centre. The functions of the new fire station are divided into two areas: the common and meeting rooms, then the garage and workshop. The two are joined by a large central foyer. All main functions are clearly and logically arranged on the ground floor. Walking distances are thus minimized, improving day-to-day efficiency and optimizing preparations for an emergency response. Support functions, such as storage and hose maintenance, are located on the lower level.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Christian Schmölz.
Client: Gemeinde Immobiliengesellschaft St. Gallenkirch
Competition 2011 [Acquisition]