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Stage design "Peer Gynt"

With the words “Peer, you´re lying” his mother is opening the fantastic play about the “Nordic Faust”. Peer lives in his own world. He represses the fact that his father has lost his farm and possessions because of mismanagement and numerous alcohol escapades. In his imagination the run-down house is still a shining palace. Furthermore he distorts his own ineptness into episodes of heroic deeds.
He is in love with the beautiful Solveig, but at the same time he is kidnapping the bride of another guy thereby alienating the whole village. After the death of his mother Peer Gynt is travelling around the world and is experiencing life’s ups and downs. He makes a fortune as a slave trader, looses everything to false friends and finally ends up in a lunatic asylum in Cairo.
Old and impoverished Peer Gynt returns home and has to fight for his soul. He, the big liar, who was letting down the entire world – gets support from an unexpected side.

The stage design was developed out of the most famous scene of the play, in which Peer compares himself with an onion which can offer many shells but no core. Modularly structured segments provide the opportunity to symbolically convey another basic theme: The movement of the segments represents the journey around the world with its up and downs. Their precise positioning enables the creation of various spaces in several settings. The junction of the segments in turn symbolically represents Peer Gynt’s inner world, in which he acts as its centre.

„Peer Gynt“ / Henrik Ibsen / Play with Music
Direction: Alexander Kubelka
Stage Design: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm
Costume Design: Andrea Hoelzl
Premiere: March 18th 2011, Vorarlberg Federal Theatre / Großes Haus