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  • Bezau Pre- and Primary School

    From the historical urban structure based on detached buildings, a compact addition has emerged, which is oriented on the regional building typology, does not compete with the church and integrates itself smoothly into the Bezauer townscape. The new building is two-storey and, in analogy to its historical models, detached. It adopts the typological elements of the surroundings, it integrates itself in scale and logic into the larger whole without copying anything, without subservience. As an interpretation of a proven typology, it reacts in a contemporary and independent manner in the sense of forward-looking construction and a development of building culture. A centrally located core with stairs and sanitary areas forms, in addition to a few structural elements, the logic for the floorplan and the basis for a simple and flexible layout. In combination with a simple system of individual wall panels, cupboard and shelf elements, this generates differentiated room zones which extends up to the top floor, which as a gabled roof takes up the language of the place and reflects its scale. All functional areas are organized clearly and locigally in an extremely compact volume. This compactness is made possible by the seemingly unconventional positioning of the gymnasium and movement space in the attic with lighting via a linear skylight.

    Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Tobias Schnell [PL], Johann Quechenberger with GKP Commercial Kitchen Planners Horn, IBS TB GmbH Linz, Martin Stocker Modelmaking Hohenems. Exterior visualizations: CN.
    Client: Bezau Town Council
    Competition 2020 3rd Prize