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  • Appartment house and restaurant Schendlingen

    Calm, independent and with an identity-creating radiance, a new subtle high point rises out of the surrounding urban landscape. Concise and self-confident, strong and independent, restrained and natural. Balancing its place in the heterogeneous surroundings, the new 54-apartment house also functions as an organising element. With its alignment not to the network of streets, but to the strong and site-defining element of the railway embankment, the seven-storey building enters into a relationship with the mid-rise buildings in the surrounding area, such as the slab of the Landesberufsschule (state vocational school) alongside the railway, and by moving away from the intersection area, competition with the existing high-rise can be avoided. A second volume with a pitched roof integrates the new restaurant, responding to the buildings along Schendlinger Strasse to the north and at the same time concluding the urban development issue. The volume with its single-storey disposition and striking appearance develops distant memories of the existing building, while its special typology generates a strong presence in the intersection area and a significant impact on the entire neighbourhood. The twisting of the two solitary buildings in relation to each other creates a shared open space as a guest garden, which naturally integrates the existing chestnut tree. Appartment house construction. Ground floor made of reinforced concrete, timber hybrid construction on the floors above. Restaurant construction. Pure timber construction, building envelope made of timber frame walls, simple rafter roof. Both building facades are made of timber.

    Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Tobias Schnell (PL), Maria Zwisler in Zusammenarbeit mit Merz Kley Partner GmbH Dornbirn, Martin Stocker Modellbau Hohenems.
    Client: Apartmenthaus Schendlingerstra├če 32 GmbH & Co KG Wien
    Competition 2023 1st Prize