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  • Global Headquarters DMG MORI Winterthur

    DMG MORI is the largest machine tool manufacturer worldwide and leading manufacturer of CNC lathes and milling machines. The plot for the new Global Headquarters of the german-japanese cooperation is located in the emerging urban development area Neuhegi in Winterthur. The office-building complex offers space for up to 250 persons, core of the building is an exhibition space of 14 meters room height, around which a ring training rooms, conference facilities and a restaurant are located. Spacious office areas form the vertical end of the building and to organize a compact two-storey landscaped courtyard. The basic structure of the design is based on the shape of the square, it symbolizes security, static perfection and connects on a strictly formal level, the two leading industrial nations, Germany and Japan, German precision and rich cultural heritage of Japan. An energy-park with movable large-scale photovoltaic plants and ultra-modern wind generators supplies the building with clean energy.

    Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Christian Schmölz
    Project Team: Stefan Abbrederis [PL], Christian Schmölz [PL], Michael Abt, Julia Grund, Nina Kozin, Andreas Cukrowicz
    Landscape: Cukrowicz Landschaften, Winterthur
    Client: DMG Holding AG, Dübendorf CH

    Customer: I+R Schertler Alge Industrie- und Sonderbauten, Lauterach
    Photos: Adolf Bereuter for cukrowicz nachbaur architekten

    Concept 2013, Construction 2013-14