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  • Koblach Social Centre

    The concept applies themes from both the built and natural surroundings to a composition of three buildings of varying character, size and height. The three-storey existing structure along with a new two storey nursing home and a three storey assisted living centre are brought together around a sheltered courtyard. The nursing home has assumed the height of its pre-existing neighbour, presenting itself as a sensitive extension at the transition point from built to natural. In accordance with the client’s brief, the existing building will be preserved except for minor changes to its internal organisation.  The nursing home’s position leaves space for future additions. The assisted living residences complete the roadside composition, echoing the curved progression of the main street. The overarching concept is founded on the principle of compact buildings with simple plans in close contact with the land. Building navigation is based on short, legible routes supported by clear internal landmarks. A stimulating palette of colour and materials and naturally lit spaces with views to the surroundings foster an atmosphere of creative freedom and sense of ownership in the private and semi-public spaces.

    Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Philipp Schertler, Anika Kienzle, Johanna Brunner, Clemens Hämmerle
    Project Team: Martin Ladinger (PL), Anika Kienzle, Tobias Beyrer, Miriam Perez Morel
    Client: Community Koblach
    Developer: Vogewosi Dornbirn
    Photos: Albrecht Schnabel and Adolf Bereuter for cukrowicz nachbaur architekten

    Competition 2013 1st Prize, Construction 2014-16