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  • Lochau Pfaenderhang Housing

    The property is situated submontane of Pfänder south of Lochau in the direct changeover of Bregenz. In raised situations partial views to the Lake of Constance are provided. The new development in the form of five staggered buildings takes over the structure of the surroundings and follows the form of the site. The staggering of the volumes creates a maximum of light incidence, views to the lake as well as open and green spaces. It integrates the surroundings optimally into the structural system. Two different types of facade openings freely eligible in position may react to different inner situations. The same height and the proportional resemblance of the window types form uniformity again. The colour is taken from the nature and integrates the buildings unobtrusively into the scenery. Colours with signal effect mark entrances and development situations. A landscape concept for the whole project connects the designed with the natural territory.

    Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Martin Ladinger [PL], Michael Abt, Emanuel Gugele
    Client: Rhomberg Bau Bregenz
    Photographs: cukrowicz nachbaur
    Competition 2003 1st Prize, Construction in stages 2004-2009.