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  • Masterplan Kirchdorf Wolfurt

    The district known as Kirchdorf within the municipality of Wolfurt is to undergo development in the coming years and in the future represent its economic centre. In order to ensure a well thought-out and controlled local development, a development plan is to be issued for this purpose. The result of the planned cooperative procedure is to serve as the basis for this. Historical structures create a spatial centre at the western foot of the Kirchenbühel on both sides along the Alte Landstraße and the Kellhofstraße. These structures are in an intact structural condition and are characterised by multiple public uses. The ensemble is closed by Kreuzstraße to form a heart-shaped ring. Existing spatial qualities in the area of Alte Landstraße and Kellhofstraße are formed by gently winding streets and attractive squares. These qualities have an identity-forming ed with a local supermarket as a public counterpart to the existing residential and commercial development on Lauteracherstrasse. Traffic calming and relocation of Lauteracherstrasse to the south side of the residential and commercial development are also planned. The corner situation is to be strengthened by increasing the height of the existing angular development. The greater offset of the two T-intersections of Kellhofstrasse and Lauteracherstrasse with the state road creates a street space accompanied by public uses that can be designed as a traffic-calmed zone. The new town hall, derived from the church and castle, is to appear as a solitary building and, in conjunction with other publicly used buildings, form an attractive counterpart in the eastern area of the traffic-calmed zone. Away from the traffic routes, partly green internal structures form valuable traffic-free outdoor oases and open spaces with different characteristics and differentiated qualities of stay. The inclusion of the currently invisible Tobelbach in the open space design is an essential element of the overall concept and serves to make all internal areas more attractive. While area A (historic area) is to be designed as a green heart with a rather intimate and small-scale character in the style of the existing situation to the east, area B (new ring structure) is envisaged as a balance of greenery and paved surfaces with the addition of a public square in the area surrounding the town hall. Area C (main road) is conceived as a zone with a more urban ambience.

    Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz in cooperation with Josef Fink and Lukas Mähr.
    Process Support: Markus Schadenbauer
    Client: Gemeinde Wolfurt
    Collaborative Planning Process 2020