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Neuhausen Outdoor swimming pools

Neuhausen am Rheinfall’s outdoor swimming pools are located in terraced parkland beside the Rhine Falls, with the biodiversity and topography typical of a river valley.
In response to this unspoilt natural setting, the pool’s amenities have been housed in a pair of elongated pavilions, united under a single oversailing roof. The pavilions are slightly offset from one another, creating exciting outdoor terraces which emphasise the thresholds between inside and out.  A row of columns encircles the outdoor terrace. Varying distances between the columns render subtly legible the different functions within and guide visitors intuitively to the entrance.  Louvered panels in a variety of materials and styles, evocative of traditional privacy devices such as window shutters or a folding screen, enclose the cafe, changing rooms and support spaces. Like a garden pavilion, the amenity building creates the feeling of lightness, transparency and openness. Local timber used throughout contributes to a warm, haptically rich atmosphere.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Clemens Hämmerle, Johanna Brunner, Markus Cukrowicz
Project Team: Johanna Brunner [PL], Clemens Hämmerle, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Andreas Cukrowicz
Project Partner: Oechsli Partner Architekten Schaffhausen
Client: Community Neuhausen am Rheinfall
Competition 2012 1st Prize, Construction 2013-14