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  • Stage Design "The Mountain Giants"

    “The renowned architectural practice Cukrowicz Nachbaur from Vorarlberg breaks new ground and transcends the borders between architecture and performing arts with their conception and production of the stage design for this year’s season opening production of the Federal Theater Vorarlberg “, Alexander Kubelka, new director Federal Theater Vorarlberg. The drama “The Mountain Giants” by the Italian Nobel Prize Laureate for Literature Luigi Pirandello, directed by the new artistic director Alexander Kubelka, is a modern parable on the arts and the theatre. The incomplete piece from 1936 narrates with expressive pictures and a poetic language of the power of imagination, the systemic and the countervailing power of the arts. In the centre of the piece resides a mysterious villa, in which thoughts, wishes and dreams come to life, and imagination and reality successively fade into each other.
    The stage design, which captivates with its clear formal repertoire, timeless design, practicality and multiple functionality, renders expressiveness to the fantastic-real dream world and creates an ambience which offers countless settings to the actors as well as ample space for associations and the imagination of the audience.

    Performance Information:
    „The Mountain Giants“
    Luigi Pirandello
    Play with Music

    Direction: Alexander Kubelka
    Stage Design: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Realisation: Dobler Bau, Roethis / Engineer: SSD Benno Kopf, Roethis
    Costume Design: Andrea Hoelzl
    Music: Mondscheiner, Military Music Vorarlberg
    Dramaturgy: Karl Baratta
    With: Katrin Hauptmann, Julia Jelinek, Alexandra-Maria Nutz, Inge Maux, Alexander Julian Meile, Wolfgang Pefestorf, Gernot Piff, Mario Plaz, Manuel Rubey, Michael Schiemer, Tamara Stern
    Premiere: 1. Oktober 2009, Federal Theater Vorarlberg