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  • Cemeteries Liebfrauenberg Rankweil

    Initial situation and task. Due to the topographically difficult access situations, interest in the two cemeteries decreases. With the growth in urn burials, the need for large gravesites is also declining. The situation is becoming more and more unattractive, as abandoned graves are leaving unoccupied residual areas arise, which give the impression of abandonment. The cemetery is dying. The cemetery is disappearing. But not completely. Individual graves remain. No one knows how long. No one knows which ones. And nobody knows how many. And no one can predict if the demand will rise again.

    Concept and idea. The proposed concept takes over the formal element of the individual grave and supplements the empty spaces of the cemetery with orthogonal modules. The substance of the cemetery remains almost unchanged, but it transforms almost unnoticed from a place of mourning and commemoration to a place of reflection, a place of thought and a place of contemplation. The visitor decides. Perhaps it becomes a garden of tranquillity, a garden of dreams, perhaps a garden of paradise, when on a sunny day, inspired by the sea of colours of the plants and flowers, the sea of scents of the blossoms on the bench, one begins to dream.

    Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm
    Client: Markgemeinde Rankweil
    Concept 2017
    Photo: Pfarre Rankweil