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  • Latschau Family Hotel Montafon

    A sculptural new building stands on the plateau between a main valley and its Gauertal tributary. The building stretches from the existing tongue of land in the east to the edge of an orchard in the south. The choice of an archaic building expression; the formal considerations of the linear building with multiple kinks, which mean its full length is never seen and therefore makes it appear shorter from every angle; the development of a horizontal band that follows the contour lines and embeds itself in the topography; the conscious decision for a horizontal conception, which also creates the scale through its low height: these are all inseparable decisions about architecture, program and effect on a specific whole that only fits this place. As a family hotel, a lot of attention was devoted to the best possible connection to the outdoors: short circulation distances and short flights of steps leading straight to natural attractions. This idea is enhanced by the excellent panoramic views from all rooms towards the mountain, valley or lake. The building does not present itself as monumental, gigantic and unapproachable and therefore intended to be repellent, but rather it should look child- and people-friendly as well as inviting its guests. The appearance of the new building is derived from elements of the archaic house shape, and uses this familiar typology to generate memories. Linked with examples of early tourism architecture, a rather dark appearance and a restrained attitude, it is able to tell the story of the high-quality craftsmanship and architectural tradition of its rural context.

    Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Stefan Prattes, Tobias Schnell, Aline Messner with gkp Commercial Kitchen Design Horn, IBS TB GmbH Linz, Martin Stocker Modelmaking Hohenems. Exterior visualizations: CN. Interior visualizations: april-studios Munich.
    Client: illwerke vkw Bregenz
    Competition 2020