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  • Rankweil Markt Childcare Centre

    The two-storey, free-standing building with a rectangular base is offset from the existing kindergarten in the southern part of the site, while a one-storey annexe forms the northern border. The space between the two structures generates a sheltered outdoor courtyard adjoining the green space. A single-story fence defines the spatial boundary of this area and connects all the structural parts of the building to form a singular composition which is anchored in the overall network of open spaces and logically complements the sequence of the existing outdoor spaces. The childcare facility is divided into parallel layers, in the middle of which lies a central zone with general-purpose rooms and the circulation area. This zone is flanked on the upper floor by classroom clusters on both sides, and on the ground floor by one cluster plus counselling and administration areas. The central area in the south accommodates the multi-purpose room on the ground floor and the dining area on the upper floor. The studio is also located in the central area on level +1, facing north. A covered entrance area has been designed to be especially prominent and inviting. The concept of locating all the group rooms in the corners of the building with open balconies between them allows daylight to enter these main rooms from almost all three sides. Constructed as a simple timber building, all surfaces inside and outside are made of regional wood. They are designed to be durable and robust, while contributing to a good atmosphere in a natural environment. The appearance is characterised by a horizontal fa├žade structure consisting of low parapet bands and open window zones alternating with semi-transparent filters.

    Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur- Sturm, Ann Kathrin Hummler, Theresa Hammerl, Tobias Schnell, Martin Stocker Modelmaking Hohenems.
    Client: Rankweil Town Council
    Competition 2021, 3rd Prize