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  • Library of Philology at Munich University

    Since its construction in 1833-1834 under the reign of Ludwig I, Friedrich von Gärtner’s design for number 25 Ludwigstrasse has become a landmark on one of Munich’s most prestigious streets. Our design preserves the listed facades, which will enclose an entirely new core hosting the library. The volume has been completed by a renewed facade along the public square. The building is organised around a central zone spanning between two solid cores. Double-height main floors are punctuated by galleries within which preserve the ceiling height of the historic building and thereby a sense of its distinct grandeur as one moves through the varying levels. The overarching architectural concept is based on the idea of closing an open building shell, and in turn how to meaningfully fill the new space. The louvred facades’ gentle cantilever evokes an abstract image of bookshelves – a subtle reference to the use which lies within. The choice of facade and the variation in floor heights serve to maximise the daylight which reaches the central areas. All design interventions have been developed with a view to harmonising the building’s appearance and unifying all components into a new whole.

    Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Christian Schmölz, Tobias Beyrer.
    Project Team: Stefan Abbrederis [PL], Julia Grund, Miriam Perez Morel, Clemens Hämmerle, Michael Abt, Philipp Schertler, Tobias Beyrer, Michael Mayer, Gregor Benz, Lukas Glogger, Chris Ritter, Maximilian Blume, Alexander Lukas, Dominik Hofstetter, Christian Schmölz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Andreas Cukrowicz.
    Client: Bavaria State Government, the Bavarian State Ministry for Education, Culture, Science and Art represented by the Munich 2 Office of Public Works
    Photos: Adolf Bereuter for cukrowicz nachbaur architekten

    Competition 2014 1st Prize, Construction 2016-19