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  • P House Mutters

    The private house responds to the heterogeneity of its surroundings with a compact, two storey volume. A solid base housing the auxiliary functions slides gently into the rising terrain, forming the base for a crown-like volume containing all residential spaces. A horizontal timber band outwardly represents the residential areas, which a concrete roof slab completes the volume‘s vertical lines. Floor plans are developed in three layers, united by a central core holding the stairwell and sanitary facilities. Living areas face west, bedrooms face east. A courtyard within opens towards the south to create both a private garden and admit filtered light deep into the lowest floor. The house as a whole is defined by simple details and an organic approach to materials, which alternates between untreated concrete and timber surfaces.  All timber surfaces which are subject to heavier use are rift/semi-rift sawn to increase their durability and ensure they mature correctly. The use of silver fir from Vorarlberg evokes a subtle connection for the client between her old and new homes. The house does not seek to be loud. Naturally and unobtrusively, the house slips into its setting; precise and poised in the topography; calmly and self-evidently it draws references to the landscape and thus becomes a part of the greater whole.

    Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Philipp Schertler
    Project Team: Philipp Schertler (PL), Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm
    Client: private
    Photos: Adolf Bereuter for cukrowicz nachbaur architekten

    Concept 2014, Construction 2015-16