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  • Weingarten Student Residence

    The expansion of the Eugen-Bolz student residence is being built by the diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart and is located in the middle of a beautiful urban park. The building is raised above an almost open plinth, expressing the openness of the house itself, which is open to residents of all religions and denominations. There is no barrier to the spatial flow of the landscape and the visual relationships on all sides. The design idea evokes the form of a tree. Freed from the earth, the residential storeys gain maximum privacy and wonderful living quality among the park’s tree canopy. On the ground floor, a continuous ceiling slab with point-like columns forms a table construction. The concrete table forms the basis for the four residential levels above in wood. The building typology offers the ideal conditions for a modular prefabricated system based on wooden boxes.

    Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Philipp Schertler, Tobias Schnell, Johann Quechenberger, Sandra Violand, Doreen Brinker.
    Project Team: Anna Edthofer [PL], Alessandro Pizzolato, Fiona Florentina Weber, Nico Rauchenwald, Anja Berlinger, Johann Quechenberger, Michael Abt, Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm in Kooperation mit Wiesler Zwirlein Architekten, Stuttgart.
    Client: Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart
    Competition 2020 1st Prize, Construction 2024-2025