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  • Urn Cemetery Andelsbuch

    The historic cemetery complex with a basic square form and surrounding arcades was extended in 1992/93 towards the north in a semi-circular basic form. In addition to the axially symmetrical configuration, the arcades accompanying the wall were adopted as characteristic typological themes. A burial chapel is integrated into the arcade theme along the axis of symmetry. Our concept is based on the principle of ┬╗everything is already there┬ź and concentration on the essentials. It is based on the simple idea of building exclusively on the existing elements, of thinking the complex through logically and naturally, and of consistently finishing it using high-quality materials. The radial structure of the existing cemetery is completed. The semi-circular arcade wall is covered by grave panels of the new urn graves. In a loose arrangement, individual and family graves are successively condensed into a frieze-like overall structure. The existing concept of climbing plants in the area of the row of pillars is expanded and added to the north side of the historic cemetery wall. The beauty and fragrance of the climbing roses give comfort and hope. A row of benches allows contemplative rest in the shade. The concept combines existing and expansion themes in a restrained and natural way. Building on what already exists, reflecting on the essentials, using little but valuable things reflect the virtues of modesty, respect and sustainability.

    Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Tobias Schnell (PL), Johanna Brunner-Skofic, Lauren Dolphin
    Client: Gemeinde Andelsbuch
    Competition 2023 1st Prize