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  • Workshop and Maintenance Yard Frastanz Felsenau

    In a special topographical situation, a new workshop is being built on a plateau of a characteristic rocky landscape. The composition of five staggered buildings of different sizes and proportions responds to both the special shape of the site and the slightly ascending topography. Along the Felsenaustra├če, the figure forms a ridge and, together with an additional building organised linearly along the cliff edge, it formulates a courtyard-like situation with maximum space for manipulation and logistics. The staggered building figure consists of a combination of one-storey and two-storey halls and a main building with primary entrance and rooms for administration and canteen on the upper floor. In the basement there is an underground garage for cars and bicycles as well as staff changing rooms, technical and service rooms. Externally, the building’s staggered structure allows it to be integrated into the fabric of the small-scale contextual buildings, while inside the site, the individual functional areas are easy to read and provide good orientation. The outbuilding with similarities to that of an open-tunnel is cut into the rock formation as a concrete roof and serves primarily as a roofed storage area and shelter; the wheel loader garage and the painting shop are located in the peripheral zones.

    Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Tobias Schnell (PL), Lauren Dolphin, in cooperation with Merz Kley Partner Bauingenieure Dornbirn, Martin Stocker Modellbau Hohenems
    Client: Land Vorarlberg
    Competition 2023 1st Prize